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3055h1a - li $2,0x5AAA555 subneg sub $4,$0,$4 li...

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Score:___________ Name:______________________________________________________ ECE 3055 Homework 1 Due Date:Friday, January 25 The sequence of MIPS instructions shown in the left column below is executed. After completing execution of these instructions (and any subroutines they may call), indicate the resulting register values in the spaces provided below. The code for a subroutine, subneg, is shown in the right column. All answers below should be in hex and leading zeros may be omitted.
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Unformatted text preview: li $2,0x5AAA555 subneg: sub $4,$0,$4 li $6,0xA3334444 jr $31 slt $3,$6,$2 beq $3,$0,foobar ori $2,$2,0x77 foobar: addi $4,$0,-4 sll $6,$6,2 lui $4,30 jal subneg addi $5,$4,0x19 sw $5,0x100($0) $2 = _____________________ $3 = _____________________ $4 = _____________________ $5 = _____________________ $6 = _____________________ MEM(100) = ________________________...
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