ASsignment #8

ASsignment #8 - August 18th 2009 Assignment #8 Finnegans...

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August 18 th 2009 Assignment #8 HCI II 310 Finnegan’s Wake Professor Finnegan Justin, Mitul, Amanda, Jason Each team member evaluated our prototype using Nielsen’s Ten Heuristics. We added the scores together then divided by four in order to find our group’s average evaluation scores. We found that Aesthetic and Minimalist Design, Flexibility and Efficiency of Use, Match between System and the Real World, and Error Prevention scored the lowest, meaning that they had minimal impact regarding the use of our prototype. In addition, Visibility of System Status, User Control and Freedom, and Help and Documentation scored high, meaning they could be critical problems related to the usage of our touch-sensitive prototype. Help Users Recognize, Diagnose, Recover from Error, and Recognition Rather than Recall scored 2 and 2.25, so they were in the middle of the collection. This means they are not severe problems as of right now, but they could have the potential to become issues later on or even become the cosmetic type of problem. To change the fore mentioned significant issues of Visibility of System Status, which averaged out to 3 out of 4, we need to show all users what is happening with the system clearly and visibly. For example, when the system is loading a menu page, we could add an icon to signify a waiting or loading process to be completed. User Control and Freedom scored a 3.5, making it the most critical aspect of the prototype. In order to resolve this problem, we will be adding ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ functions in case a user deletes or adds an item by accident. Also, we will be adjusting our ‘call’ button to a ‘help’
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ASsignment #8 - August 18th 2009 Assignment #8 Finnegans...

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