Chemistry 107 Lab Report 7

Chemistry 107 Lab Report 7 - Molecular Weight (amu)...

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Unformatted text preview: Molecular Weight (amu) Temperature (C) Egbuniwe Chinedum 1 Chemistry Lab report # 1 Summary Part A: For the first part of this lab we were to measure the differences in temperature change between different alcohols. First we were to cut 2 pieces of filter paper into squares. Then we used rubber bands to attach the filter paper onto the tip of 2 different temperature probes. We dipped the temperature probes into ethanol and propanol and after 45 seconds removed them and placed them on our lab table and collected the temperature change over time. After collecting this information we repeated this process for two other pairs of alcohols. We repeated the steps for butanol and pentane, and then for methanol and hexane. Part B: For part B we were to prepare a water bath of 400mL in a 600mL beaker. Then we connected an empty flask to a rubber stopper with space for a syringe and placed the flask into the beaker. After a minute we injected 3mL of methanol into the flask, then heated and cooled the 400mL of water to four different...
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Chemistry 107 Lab Report 7 - Molecular Weight (amu)...

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