Chemistry 107 Lab Report 9

Chemistry 107 Lab Report 9 - zero first or second After...

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Egbuniwe Chinedum 1 Chemistry Lab report # 9 Summary Part A For this experiment the first thing my lab partners and I had to do was prepare the computer for data collection. Then we had to fill an empty cuvette ¾ full w/ water and use it to calibrate our calorimeter. Then we used a graduated cylinder to get 10 Ml of 0.2 M NaOH solution and use another cylinder to obtain 10 Ml of 8 * 10 ̄ 5 crystal violet solution. Then we poured the two different things into a beaker and mixed them together with a stirring rod. We cleaned the cuvette and then filled it ¾ full w/ the solution. We placed this into the calorimeter and closed the lid, we then began collection data. We let the computer record for about 5 minutes until the absorbance reading no longer appears to be changing much. We then stooped the data collection and disposed the solution. We then had to determine the order of the reaction,
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Unformatted text preview: zero, first, or second. After this we recorded the slope and interception points and printed the graphs. Part B In this part we simply repeated the experiment with a different value of [OH-]; we used a 0.1 M NaOH. Results – It is a first order reaction Calculations – Egbuniwe Chinedum 2 Part A – k 1 = [OH-] 1 n Part B - k 2 = [OH-] 2 n Since [OH-] 2 =2 [OH-] 1 k 2 = 2 n [OH-] 1 n k 2 /k 1 = k 2 n [OH-] 1 n / k [OH-] 1 n k 2 /k 1 = 2 n .3699/.3511 = 2 n 1.054 = 2 n N = 1/13 Discussion – From our experimentation and the graph that we derived from it we determined that both solutions were of the first order. We knew this because the graph with the Y-axis as ln[A] was linear for both part A and B....
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Chemistry 107 Lab Report 9 - zero first or second After...

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