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PSYCH 100 Notes Test 3 - Health Psychology Morbidity =...

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7/25/08 Health Psychology Morbidity = illness/Mortality = death What roles does a psychologist have in treating (non-medical) illness? Ignaz Semmelueis -found out if doctors wash their hands, they kill fewer patients -in some ways, you can think of him as one of the first health psychologists -a simple behavioral intervention changed the course of medicine The biomedical model -mind body dualism-Descartes The mind and the body are separate -Therefore, treatment for the body’s ills is not the domain of a psychologist -takes a reductionist view of illness The biopsychosocial model -recognizes that psychology and physiology mutually influence each other -health and illness stem from a combo of biological, psychological, and social factors Some questions for health psychologists -does positive attitude have an effect on cancer survivor rate? We know these things (ex, drug use and tanning) are dangerous but we still do them! Theories of health behavior Health belief model -perceived susceptibility (optimistic bias) -perceived severity -benefits -barriers -areas to action Self-efficacy -health behavior model failed to include self-efficacy -Self-efficacy = the belief that you will be effective in doing what it is you want to do -so, even if you are motivated to engage in health behavior, you need to have the belief that you can do it Cigarette smoking -there is psychological war going on over cigarette smoking -the illuminating case of the “light” cigarette -light cigarettes introduced in the 1950s and 1960s
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-meant to convey a “safer cigarette” image How they work -filters are perforated, meaning they have holes in them -these holes are usually hidden -holes allow a mixture of air to be inhaled with smoke => these feel less harsh The psychology of a light cigarette -The word “light” is meant to suggest something that isn’t severe -higher air mixture “feels” like you are getting less of the smoke but is actually equally harmful The evidence -the pattern of lung cancer changed -upper portion => lower portion -they inhale more deeply Behavioral explanation -unconsciously make up for lower nicotine by inhaling deeper Stress Stress response -We are built biologically to deal with short term, discrete stressors -we are not built to handle chronic stress -general adaptation response -alarm-release of adrenaline and hormone (cortisol). Blood pressure, HR, respiration, blood sugar rise -resistance: starts to scale back, but some systems remain elevated. More susceptible to illness -exhaustion: physiological defenses wear down. Vulnerable to disease and possibly death Transactional process
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PSYCH 100 Notes Test 3 - Health Psychology Morbidity =...

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