PSYCH 100 Notes Chapter 9

PSYCH 100 Notes Chapter 9 - CHAPTER 9 – Consciousness ♦...

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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 9 – Consciousness ♦ The Nature Of Consciousness Consciousness – subjective awareness of mental events, monitors the self and the environment and regulates thought and behavior (monitor and control) Attention – process of focusing consciousness on a limited range of experience Selective Inattention – process by which important information is ignored Cocktail Party Phenomenon – people tune out all other conversation other than the one person they are engrossed with, but at the mention of their name they become focused and attentive Attention and Consciousness consist of maintaining alertness, orienting, and controlling behavior Divided Attention – process by which attention is split between two or more sets of stimuli Dichotic Listening – different information is presented to the left and right ears simultaneously ♦ Perspectives on Consciousnses Psychodanamic Unconscious – Freud defined, conscious, preconscious, and unconscious Conscious Mental Process – processes that involve a subjective awareness of stimuli, feelings, or ideas...
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