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PSYCH 100 Notes Chapter 8

PSYCH 100 Notes Chapter 8 - CHAPTER 8 – Intelligence ♦...

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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 8 – Intelligence ♦ Defining Intelligence Intelligence is seen as multifaceted, functional, and culturally defined. There is no clear definition. Aspects of intelligence can be expressed in many domains, not limited to academics. Intelligent behavior is always directed toward accomplishing a task or solving a problem. Cultural practices support and recognize intellectual qualities that are useful in the social and ecological context. Intelligence – the application of cognitive skills and knowledge to learn, solve problems, and obtain ends that are valued by an individual or culture ♦ Intelligence Testing Psychometric Instruments – measures designed to assess an individual’s level of cognitive capabilities Sir Francis Galton created the first measure of intelligence, convinced that intelligence and social preeminence were products of the evolutionary process and that intelligence runs in families. He had a theory that intelligence was comprised of perceptual, sensory, and motor abilities. There was no correlation between intelligence was comprised of perceptual, sensory, and motor abilities....
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