PSYCH 100 Notes Chapter 6

PSYCH 100 Notes Chapter 6 - CHAPTER 6 – Memory ♦ Mental...

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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 6 – Memory ♦ Mental Representations ♦ Information Processing Short Term (Working) Memory – memory for information that is available to consciousness for 20-30 seconds Limited Capacity – on average people can remember about seven pieces of information at a time with a normal range from five to nine items Rehearsal – process of repeating or studying information to retain it in memory Long Term Memory – memory for facts, images, thoughts, feelings, skills, and experiences, the longer information remains in STM the more likely it is to make a permanent impression in LTM Retrieval – process of bringing information from long term memory into short term memory ♦ Working Memory Working Memory – conscious “workspace” used for retrieving and manipulating information, active memory, information remains only as long as it is consciously being processed or examined Working memory consists of multiple systems, storage and processing functions do not compete for limited...
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