SOC 001 Notes Chapter 9

SOC 001 Notes Chapter 9 - CHAPTER 9 Inequalities of Race...

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CHAPTER 9 – Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity Race Race – group of people with inherited physical characteristics that distinguish it from another group Genocide – attempt to destroy a group of people because of their race or ethnicity Ethnicity – people who identify with one another on the basis of common ancestry and cultural heritage Minority Group – people who are singled out for unequal treatment and who regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination Dominant Group – group with the most power, privilege, and social status A group becomes a minority through expansion of political boundaries or migration Ethnic Work – way people construct their ethnicity Prejudice Discrimination – unfair treatment directed against someone based on age, sex, weight, income, education, etc. Racism – discrimination on the basis of someone’s perception of race Prejudice – prejudging of some sort usually in a negative way Kathleen Bee interviewed KKK members and found that most women were recruited by someone who already belonged to the group and that their racism was the result of their membership, not the cause. Eugene Hartley interviewed people about racial groups, found that made up races were disliked if the people also expressed dislike for other minority groups. Prejudice does not depend on negative experiences. Discrimination Individual Discrimination – negative treatment of one person by another Institutional Discrimination – discrimination woven into the fabric of society EX: African Americans are more likely to be rejected for bank loans, or charged more for these loans EX: Whites are more likely to receive transplant surgery and other preventative health tests Psychological Perspectives of Prejudice John Dollard suggested prejudice is the result of frustration. They use a minority as a scapegoat to blame
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SOC 001 Notes Chapter 9 - CHAPTER 9 Inequalities of Race...

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