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CHAPTER 7 – Global Stratification Systems of Social Stratification Social Stratification – a system in which groups of people are divided into layers according to their relative property, prestige, and power Slavery Causes Debt – Creditors enslaved people who could not pay their debts Crime – Instead of being killed, a murderer or thief might be enslaved as compensation War – When one group of people was conquered, they were often enslaved Conditions In some cases slavery was temporary. In most cases, slavery was a lifelong condition however. In most places, the children of slaves were automatically slaves themselves. Not all slaves were powerless and poor. Some slaves could accumulate property and even rise to high positions in the community. Caste Endogamy – marriage within one’s own group Caste System – status is determined by birth and is lifelong, built on ascribed status. In America, after slavery ended, a racial caste system replaced it in which all whites considered themselves to have a higher status than all African Americans. Fearing pollution from the lower caste, segregation existed Class and Gender Class System - form of social stratification based primarily on the possession of money or material possessions Individuals can change their social class by what they achieve in life, has relatively fluid boundaries. Social Mobility – movement up or down the social class ladder Gender – In every society of the world, gender is a basis for social stratification. In every society of the world men’s earnings are higher than women’s. Karl Marx: The Means of Production Social class depends on a single factor: people’s relationship to the means of production – the tools, factories, land, and investment capital used to produce wealth. There are two classes of people: the bourgeoisie,
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SOC 001 Notes Chapter 7 - CHAPTER 7 Global Stratification...

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