SOC 001 Notes Chapter 6

SOC 001 Notes Chapter 6 - CHAPTER 6 Deviance and Social...

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CHAPTER 6 – Deviance and Social Control Deviance Deviation – the violation of norms or rules, usually met with a negative social response (what is deviant in one culture may not be in another) Crime – the violation of rules that have been written into law Stigma – characteristics that discredit a person’s claim to a normal identity (blindness, mental handicap, obesity, AIDS victim, brother of a rapist) Social Norms Norms make social life possible by making behavior predictable. Without norms, society would be chaos. Social Order – a group’s usual and customary social arrangements on which its members base their lives Social Control – a group’s formal and informal means of enforcing it norms Negative Sanction – an expression of disproval for breaking a norm (from a frown to a prison sentence) Positive Sanction – a reward or positive reaction for following norms (from a smile to an award) Explanations of Deviance Sociobiologists look for answers within people, believing they have genetic predispositions to become deviant. Psychologists focus on conditions within people, examining personality disorders, believing that deviating individuals have deviating personalities and that subconscious motives drive them to deviance. Sociologists search for factors outside individuals, looking for social influences that lead them to break norms. Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Differential Association Theory – (Edwin Sutherland) People learn deviance from the different groups we associate with. The different groups we associate with give us message about conformity and deviance. Families – delinquents are more likely to come from families that get in trouble with the law
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SOC 001 Notes Chapter 6 - CHAPTER 6 Deviance and Social...

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