SOC 001 Notes Chapter 5

SOC 001 Notes Chapter 5 - CHAPTER 5 Social Groups and...

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CHAPTER 5 – Social Groups and Formal Organizations Social Groups Aggregate – consists of individuals who temporarily share the same physical space but who do not see themselves as belonging together (people waiting in a checkout line, drivers at a red light) Category – consists of people who share similar characteristics (college women who wear glasses, 6’ tall men) Group – consists of people who think of themselves as belonging together and they interact with one another Primary Group – characterized by intimate, long term, face to face association and cooperation, offers a sense of belonging and appreciation, people take on the values and attitudes of the group (family, friends, gang) Secondary Group – larger, more anonymous and impersonal than a primary group, based on common interest or activities, secondary groups tend to break down into smaller primary groups (college class and friends) Voluntary Associations – a special type of secondary group made up of volunteers who organize on the basis of some mutual interest (religious groups, political parties, unions) Iron Law of Oligarchy – how organizations come to be dominated by a self-perpetuating elite, members of the inner circle keep themselves in power by passing the leadership positions around to one another In-Groups and Out-Groups In-groups – groups toward which we feel loyalty (initiation into Crips), can create biased perception (men who are aggressive are assertive but an aggressive woman is pushy) Out-groups – groups toward which we feel antagonism (group rivalry with Bloods), values of out-groups are seen as vices while those same traits are viewed as virtues of in-groups Reference Groups
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SOC 001 Notes Chapter 5 - CHAPTER 5 Social Groups and...

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