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Quiz 1 PST3127 Fall 2008 Prof. Klein Your Name: ________________________________ 1. Herman and Chomsky are contemporary scholars who write about the role of the media in shaping what people know. However, even though he lived more than 2000 years ago, Plato, too, saw an important role for the media in shaping people’s consciousness. (T/F) 2. When Plato’s philosopher returns to the cave, the people welcome him as a liberator (T/F). 3. Huxley says that not all propaganda requires public education and the dissemination of ideas. What is another powerful technique of propaganda? 4. According to Huxley, in the old totalitarianism, people were in a “prison” of guns, famine, and firing squad. Where is the prison of the new totalitarianism? _______________________
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Unformatted text preview: 5. According to Owen Harries, a true conservative would embrace his or her society rather than condemning it as a cave. (T/F) 6. In the Matrix, enlightenment frees a person from the prison of the mind and allows him or her to see reality as it really is. What metaphor is used to describe reality? (E.g. is it a “flowering garden”?) 7. What tool or technology does Leary propose for achieving enlightenment? 8. Allan Bloom claims that society maintains an enlightenment institution in its midst. That institution is: ________________________. 9. Leary uses the term “intellectual ministry of defense” to refer to which institution in society? 10. Alexis de Tocqueville praises Americans for their independence of mind and the diversity of their opinions. (T/F)...
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