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PST3127 Spring 2007 Quiz 1 Your Name: _________________________ 1. What is the name of your TA? ________________________ 2. In the Matrix, enlightenment frees a person from the prison of the mind and allows him or her to see reality as it really is. What metaphor is used to describe reality? (E.g. is it a “flowering garden”?) 3. Huxley believes that in the future, people will generally be very happy. (T/F) 4. Huxley believes that in the future, people will be slaves. (T/F) 5. What metaphor does Plato use to describe society? (E.g. is it a “flowering garden”?) 6. Kant says that the masses’ false modes of thinking are forcibly imposed by the guardians. (T/F) 7. Allan Bloom claims that “philosophers” (university professors) have demonstrated their value in politics, industry, and national
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Unformatted text preview: defense. According to Bloom, what is the most outstanding contribution that philosophers have made to American political life? 8. According to Owen Harries, true conservatives are skeptical of the Enlightenment claim that philosophers can lead us to a better society than that which exists. (T/F) 9. According to Owen Harries, true conservatives believe that people are fundamentally good (what is sometimes called “the perfectability of man”). (T/F) 10. According to the NY Times, historians have recently confirmed that slaves encoded messages in quilts....
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