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Quiz-1_Spring-09 - a coup d’etat that was supported by...

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Quiz 1 PST3127 Fall 2009 Prof. Klein Your Name: Your TA’s Name: ____________________________ ______________ Define each of the following seven terms and give an example from The Matrix or The Allegory of the Cave 1. illusion 2. intent 3. critique 4. freedom 5. When the media act as a “filter,” what does it do? 6. When the media act as a “lense”, what does it do? 7. Many Americans are familiar with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s anti- American statements. Far fewer Americans, however, are aware that he was the target of
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Unformatted text preview: a coup d’etat that was supported by the US government. (T/F) 8. What is Kant’s definition of enlightenment? (4 words, one of which is hyphenated) 9. In many Enlightenment texts, we can discern 3 classes of people: Guardians (who perpetuate The System,) agents of enlightenment (who critique The System,) and ______________ (the great assembly of all the people who largely think as they have been told to think.) 10. Leary uses the term “intellectual Ministry of Defense” to describe what institution?...
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