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Quiz 2 PST3127 Fall 2008 Prof. Klein Your Name: ________________________ Your TA’s Name: _________________ From Brave New World , give an example of each dimension of false consciousness and explain how it is false: 1. False desire 2. False belief 3. False knowledge 4. In Brave New World when John the Savage first comes to London he is very enthusiastic about the modern world. Only later, after living there for a period, does he adopt a more critical stance and start asking questions and passing judgments. As discussed by Prof. Klein in lecture, what group of people in the real world resemble John the Savage in their status of new entrants to the modern world? 5. In Brave New World when the Simple Lifers were mowed down by machine guns, it was evidence that the Old Totalitarianism was not working. (T/F) 6. Plato’s philosopher-king was an enlightened man who returns to the cave to rule over the masses who
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