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Quiz-2_Sample - scarcity in(at least one other class of...

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Sample Quiz Questions PST3127 Prof. Klein I. Questions on Key Points from the Readings/Lectures The planners in Brave New World attempted various experiments to see if they could make society better, and they discovered they could not. Identify the goal of each experiment: 1. The Cyprus Experiment 2. The Ireland Experiment 3. What scene in Brave New World is an example of “forcing someone to be free.” 4. What scene does Plato use to portray our normal situation when we observe the world? According to de Graaf, our society abounds in one class of things and experiences
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Unformatted text preview: scarcity in (at least) one other class of things. 5. What do we have in abundance? 6. What do we allegedly lack? 7. What is the “realm of necessity”? 8. Which American leader(s) urged people to live simply and consume little? A. Ben Franklin B. Harry Truman C. Both II. Questions to make sure you read the texts 9. Where did John the Savage go to live and ultimately die? 10. 11. 12. Etc. III. Questions on News Articles Posted to the Class Listserv 13. In the New York Times article on [some topic], the writer claims [some claim.] (True/False) 14. Etc....
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