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Quiz-2_Spring-08 - organized this way and that no better...

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Quiz 2 PST3127 Spring 2008 Prof. Klein Your Name: ___________________ Your TA’s Name: _______________ 1. In Brave New World enlightened thinkers find refuge from mass society in segregated colonies in places like Iceland and the Falkland Islands. Alan Bloom has a somewhat similar vision of mass society, but he sees thinkers finding refuge in which institution in society ? 2. Tocqueville believes that the political organization of a society influences the way its people think. An admirer of American democracy, how does Tocqueville characterize Americans’ way of thinking ? 3. In Brave New World , human beings have two roles in life, that of a producer and that of a ___________. 4. Huxley notes that the masses have been assigned a nearly sub-human existence in society, but he remains confident that they will some day rise up and will create a more just society (T/F). 5. In Brave New World the people who oppose the system ultimately realize that the world must be
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Unformatted text preview: organized this way and that no better society is possible . (T/F) 6. What is the difference between the Old Totalitarianism and the New Totalitarianism? 7. As presented in lecture, John de Graaf’s book challenges how we think, believe, and desire. De Graaf challenges two intellectual “authorities” of our society, the authority of repetition and the authority of ___________________. 8. According to Huxley, approximately how many repetitions does it take to make one truth? 9. Rising standards of consumerism are an important element of what Huxley calls “the prison of the mind,” for they lock us into extreme consumer ambitions with accompanying requirement of extreme work. (T/F) 10. Early in the 20th Century legislation was passed in the US to limit the amount of work that an employer could require of an employee. (T./F)...
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