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Unformatted text preview: PST3127 Spring 2009 Quiz 2 Your Name: _________________________ Your TA’s Name: ____________________ 1. Which philosopher or philosophical position embraces the claim, “The Cave is good!” a. The Enlightenment b. The anti-Enlightenment c. Plato d. Kant 2. Which philosopher or philosophical position believes that you can “re-engineer” society? a. The Enlightenment b. Plato c. Kant d. All of the above 3. According to conservatives like Owen Harries, people who commit crimes probably do so because: a. they are simply bad people b. they had a difficult upbringing, which we need to understand c. they lack education, which would help to see the error of their ways d. they are not yet developed to the point of distinguishing right and wrong 4. In the Brave New World a good citizen would likely disapprove of which activities? a. taking classes in literature, philosophy, or history b. mountain biking c. listening to an Ipod d. all of the above 5. Huxley holds that although our beliefs have no basis in rationality, we nonetheless hold them with great emotional 5....
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