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Quiz 2 PST3127/Klein Summer 2006 Your Name: ______________________________ 1. According to Bloom (and Tocqueville,) political freedom leads to freedom and creativity of the mind. (T/F) 2. According to Owen Harries, conservative philosophers share Plato’s view that society is a cave from which man can escape with the power of reason. (T/F) 3. Bloom believes that the proper role of the university is to prepare young people for successful and productive careers. (T/F) 4. Give an example of a university department that Bloom believes fulfills the core mission of the university: _______________________ 5. Bloom’s book, The Closing of the American Mind , is a call to democratize the university. (T/F)
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Quantitative question: according to Huxley, how many repetitions does it take to make one truth? _______________________ 7. In view of Huxley’s “quantitative view of truth” (above), what is the “truest” thing the American people learned about presidential candidate John Kerry in the last election? 8. What does the Cyprus Experiment, in which everyone was an Alpha, tell us about the possibility of an egalitarian society (a society in which everyone is equal)? 9. John the Savage forcibly threw away the Delta’s ration of soma. In philosophical terms, what was he attempting to do to the Deltas? 10. Brave New World teaches us that positive social change is possible. (T/F)...
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