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Quiz-3_Spring-07 - products Name two ways to increase...

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Quiz 3 PST3127 Spring 2007 Prof. Klein Your Name: ___________________________ Your TA _______________ 1. Our identity is our definition of who we are (and who others are.) It is an important element of consciousness. It is often economically defined: we equate our identity with our place in the division of labor. Often when we meet someone socially, we tell them our identity, and they tell us their identity. What common social phrase is used to inquire about someone’s identity and place in the division of labor? 2. Adam Smith illustrates the division of labor with an example of the manufacture of what product ? 3. What post-Civil War institution was launched in Georgia to create a “new race” of Southern industrialists/capitalists? The productivity gains from the division of labor are valuable only if there is a market big enough to consume those
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Unformatted text preview: products. Name two ways to increase markets . (Hint: one is based on civil engineering, and the other is based on psychology.) 4. 5. 6. According to Ewen (in Captains of Consciousness ), in a consumer society people rarely suffer from anxiety or insecurity. (T/F) In the US Civil War societies at two different stages of economic development clashed. What were those two stages of development ? 7. 8. 9. Sally Reed fears that children are being radicalized by members of which profession ? 10. Although Enlightenment thinkers claim that society is a cave or is The Matrix, conservatives argue that society-as-it-is is valuable and should not be undone. (T/F)...
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