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Quiz-4_Fall-08 - available in the Soviet Union but not in...

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Quiz 4 PST3127 Spring 2008 Prof. Klein Name: _________________________ TA’s Name and Class Time: _______________ 1. What is the thesis of Herman and Chomsky’s book, Manufacturing Consent ? 2. The media make money by connecting advertisers with readers, especially with affluent (wealthy) readers. That business model can influence news reporting. Which of the following hypothetical news stories might get filtered out because of that model? a) “Stocks markets tumble” b) “Women seen as filling more management positions” c) “Luxury resorts catering to African American travelers” d) “Food stamp programs to add new services” 3. Give an example of a quantitative measure of media coverage: 4. Give an example of a qualitative measure of media coverage: 5. The “paired case study method” requires identifying two news events that are similar in all respects except one . In what respect must the two events differ? 6. Helen Keller’s socialist leanings reflected her support for a certain kind of government program
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Unformatted text preview: available in the Soviet Union but not in the US. What was that government program? 7. Loewen says that there are three kinds of time: the present (which we know immediately,) the past (which we know from books,) and: _______________________, which we know from: ___________________________. 8. A widely-shared image among US citizens of slavery is that of “Mammy,” the happy slave in Gone with the Wind . (T/F) 9. According to a recent article in the NY Times , Korean history textbooks have been criticized as “white-washing” history and avoiding controversial events. (T/F) 10. The NY Times recently reported a speech by Russia’s president in which he discussed two topics, political liberalization and missiles. Which topic was in the story’s headline? Extra credit (worth an additional 10%): In his speech at Georgia Tech Libertarian candidate Bob Barr argued that John McCain was a “maverick”. (T/F)...
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