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Quiz 4 PST3127 Spring 2008 Prof. Klein Your Name: ___________________________ Your TA’s Name: ___________ 1. According to Herman and Chomsky, propaganda is easy to detect because it contains many false statements. (T/F) 2. Media’s dependence on advertising means that news coverage will tend to emphasize topics relevant to the wealthy people that advertisers need to reach. (T/F) 3. Herman and Chomsky’s model can be compared to a market model, in which the cost and accessibility of information influence news content. (T/F) 4. Imagine a case overseas where government officials torture and kill a religious leader. According to Herman and Chomsky, what factor would determine whether the US media treat the victim as “worthy” or “unworthy”? 5. This history of Columbus’s “discovery” of American teaches us about historical
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Unformatted text preview: causation, especially how “system variables” are sometimes catalyzed by an individual action. As presented in lecture, what current US foreign policy can also be understood in terms of “system variables”? 6. Many high school history classes basically end at World War II, only skimming over more recent topics like the Vietnam War, gay rights, abortion, and the impeachment of Bill Clinton. According to Loewen, why is that? 7. As discussed in lecture, true patriots do not complain about society or try to disrupt society. (T/F) Herman and Chomsky claim that the media sometimes omit information and other times enlarge information. What are the two metaphors (or images) that the authors use to describe the media? 8. 9. 10. The history of Abraham Lincoln illustrates that ideas can stir men to action and lead to social change. (T/F)...
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