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Quiz-4_Spring-09 - due to their role in achieving racial...

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Quiz 4 Spring 2009 PST3127 Prof. Klein Your Name: ________________ TA’s Name: ________________ Section Time: __________ 1. What is the thesis of Herman and Chomsky’s book? (Hint: “The media serve and ….” 2. As discussed in lecture: In their college assignments many students write papers that “tell the professor what he wants to hear.” Fortunately, there are no comparable forces acting on journalists when they write the news. (T/F) 3. According to Herman and Chomsky, when a friendly country commits atrocities, the victims are likely to be treated as [worthy/unworthy]? 4. Name 2 quantitative measures of media attention to an issue: i) ii) 5. Name 2 qualitative measures of media emphasis on an issue: i) ii) 6. Abraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson are considered two of our greatest presidents. This is
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Unformatted text preview: due to their role in achieving racial equality in our society. (T/F) 7. Name one war from the time period that Loewen calls our “recent past.” 8. What element of the US Constitution embodies slavery (in mathematical form)? 9. A recent legal analysis in the New York Times claimed that a close US ally committed war crimes in Gaza. Based on Herman and Chomsky’s work, we would expect this issue to receive on-going and sustained attention in the US media. (T/F) 10. In the movie version of Manufacturing Consent , Noam Chomsky claims that the sound-bite format of regular television prevents speakers from expressing anything but conventional ideas. (T/F)...
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