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Quiz 5 PST2127 Spring 2007 Prof. Klein Your Name: ____________________ Your TA’s Name: _________________ 1. Henry David Thoreau claimed that most men “lead lives of quiet desperation.” He saw material abundance as offering escape from this predicament. (T/F) 2. Passed in the early 1970s, the Clean Water Act still has an impact in Atlanta today. (T/F) 3. According to Krugman, the French have less material abundance than we do because they simply lack the wealth to live as well as we in the US do. (T/F) 4. Government regulations may be a source of freedom rather than a constraint on freedom. As noted in lecture (and as practiced in France,) what forces do government regulations protect us from? 5. Who has greater per hour productivity
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Unformatted text preview: , the US or France? 6. Ted Kennedy, who frequently advocates government programs to solve societal problems, is often called a liberal. (T/F) 7. Milton Friedman would likely praise Ronald Reagan for being a classic liberal. (T/F) 8. Friedman fears concentrated power. What institution most concentrates power in society? 9. Are we truly free in a free market? Name the main social institution from which the market does not protect us? 10. According to Francis Fukuyama, history will end when all the world has what kind of government and what kind of economy ? - - Extra Credit: As anyone who regularly arrives on time to lecture knows, THE MAGIC NUMBER is:...
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