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Quiz 5 PST3127 Spring 2009 Prof. Klein Your Name: _________________________ TA Name and Section: _______________ 1. What US president most explicitly espoused the simple-life values of The Sixties? 2. The French drive smaller cars than we Americans because their hourly productivity is lower than ours. (T/F) 3. According to Milton Friedman, the institution that most concentrates power in society is: 4. What name does Friedman give for his philosophical point of view? 5. As reported in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution : according to the declarations of its leaders at the
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Unformatted text preview: time, why did Georgia secede from the union and join the Confederacy? 6. Define “a prison of the mind” (from The Matrix ): 7. Define “the new totalitarianism” (Huxley): 8. What does Plato’s cave symbolize? 9. Adam Smith illustrated the principle of the division of labor with the manufacture of -- what items? 10. What was this class about? (Hint: I would be happy to see a four-sentence answer using the terms “illusion”, “intent”, “critique”, and “freedom”.) You can use the back of this page if necessary....
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