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Quiz-5_Summer-06 - 6 Milton Friedman fears concentrated...

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Quiz 5 PST3127, Summer 2006 Prof. Klein NAME: __________________________________ 1. Name a “system for consciousness creation” that operates in the political sphere. 2. Colombia’s use of secret courts was touted in the US media as evidence of its commitment to democracy (T/F). 3. When Saddam Hussein used poison gas on his people in the 1980s, there was an outcry in the press that has not been matched since. (T/F) 4. Sally Reed believes that schools should avoid teaching any values to children. (T/F) 5. Sally Reed prefers that school curricula be formulated by local school boards. (T/F)
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Milton Friedman fears concentrated power. Where in society does he say we are most likely to find that? 7. What is liberalism’s vision of The Good Life? 8. Milton Friedman believes that true freedom includes freedom from market forces. (T/F) 9. With its large government bureaucracy, France has much less technological innovation than does the US. (T/F) 10. Paul Krugman believes that a public policy supporting family values would be to allow people more vacation. (T/F)...
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