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Quiz-6_Comprehensive_Spring-07 - 7 Adam Smith wrote “The...

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Make-up Quiz PST3127 Spring 2007 Prof. Klein Your Name: _____________________ Your TA’s Name: ____________ 1. According to most readings/movie we are prisoners, but we are in a prison without bars or physical restraints. Where is the prison? The authors of Manufacturing Consent use two metaphors for the media. Instead of a “window” they claim the media are either 2. 3. 4. What danger does Alan Bloom see to American universities today? 5. The lesson of Brave New World , as articulated by Mustapha Mond, is that any program to create a just and enlightened society is futile. (T/F) 6. Which US President carried out the invasion of the Soviet Union/Russia?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Adam Smith wrote, “The degree of the division of labor is limited by the extent of the market.” He concluded that nations should invest in transportation infrastructure. What is another way to extend the market? 8. We live in a world of specialized professions. That reflects what principle of production? 9. Henry David Thoreau claimed that most men “lead lives of quiet desperation.” He saw material abundance as offering escape from this predicament. (T/F) 10. Paul Krugman claims that the French have less wealth than Americans and that therefore their quality of life is lower (T/F)....
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