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Buddhist Texts Study Sheet - Classic Buddhist Texts...

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Classic Buddhist Texts Theology 2851. (Fall, 2009) Midterm Review I. Terms Please be prepared to define or describe these names and ideas in one or two sentences. Also be prepared to reference a “Classic Buddhist Text” wherein they appear, explaining what they are doing in that text. The final three items will be discussed in class on Friday and Tuesday. I will choose a few items from this list (no surprises). Three Sufferings: In Trungpa’s Myth of Freedom - Suffering of suffering : physical pain and pain of worrying. - Suffering of change : alteration, birth, death and growth is pain. - Suffering of conditioned things (all pervading pain): because we’re conditioned things, we are unstable and can fall apart at any time. Four Noble Truths - the Noble Truth of suffering” : suffering of suffering, birth, pain, aging, sickness, association with the unpleasant and dissociation from the pleasant is pain. -“The Noble Truth of the Origin of Suffering : craving for sense pleas- ure, and craving for existence and nonexistence are cause for suffering. -“The Noble Truth of the cessation of Suffering : To stop suffering you have to stop craving shit. - “The Noble Truth of the Path leading to Cessation of S : Noble eigthfold Path: right thought, right understanding, right speech, right action. .. Ananda
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Buddhist Texts Study Sheet - Classic Buddhist Texts...

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