beep - available static struct beep_softc*the_beep = NULL...

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#include <types.h> #include <kern/errno.h> #include <lib.h> #include <generic/beep.h> #include "autoconf.h" /* * Machine-independent generic beep "device". * * Basically, all we do is remember something that can be used for * beeping, and provide the beep() function to the rest of the kernel. * * The kernel config mechanism can be used to explicitly choose which * of the available beeping devices to use, if more than one is
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Unformatted text preview: * available. */ static struct beep_softc *the_beep = NULL; int config_beep(struct beep_softc *bs, int unit) { /* We use only the first beep device. */ if (unit!=0) { return ENODEV; } assert(the_beep==NULL); the_beep = bs; return 0; } void beep(void) { if (the_beep!=NULL) { the_beep->bs_beep(the_beep->bs_devdata); } else { kprintf("beep: Warning: no beep device\n"); } }...
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