hardclock - */ lbolt_counter++; if (lbolt_counter...

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#include <types.h> #include <lib.h> #include <machine/spl.h> #include <thread.h> #include <clock.h> /* * The address of lbolt has thread_wakeup called on it once a second. */ int lbolt; static int lbolt_counter; /* * This is called HZ times a second by the timer device setup. */ void hardclock(void) { /* * Collect statistics here as desired.
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Unformatted text preview: */ lbolt_counter++; if (lbolt_counter &gt;= HZ) { lbolt_counter = 0; thread_wakeup(&amp;lbolt); } thread_yield(); } /* * Suspend execution for n seconds. */ void clocksleep(int num_secs) { int s; s = splhigh(); while (num_secs &gt; 0) { thread_sleep(&amp;lbolt); num_secs--; } splx(s); }...
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