interrupt - int old_in = in_interrupt in_interrupt = 1...

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#include <types.h> #include <lib.h> #include <machine/bus.h> #include <machine/spl.h> #include <machine/pcb.h> /* Global that signals if we're presently in an interrupt handler. */ int in_interrupt; /* * General interrupt handler for mips. * "cause" is the contents of the c0_cause register. */ #define LAMEBUS_IRQ_BIT 0x00000400 #define LAMEBUS_NMI_BIT 0x00000800 void mips_interrupt(u_int32_t cause)
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Unformatted text preview: { int old_in = in_interrupt; in_interrupt = 1; /* interrupts should be off */ assert(curspl>0); if (cause & LAMEBUS_IRQ_BIT) { mips_lamebus_interrupt(); } else if (cause & LAMEBUS_NMI_BIT) { panic("Received NMI\n"); } else { panic("Unknown interrupt; cause register is %08x\n", cause); } in_interrupt = old_in; }...
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