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ANIMAL SCIENCE 067 UNDERGRADUATE CURRICULUM NEWSLETTER October 30, 2009 TO: Students/Faculty FROM: Dr. Daniela Sharma, Undergraduate Program Director Phone: 732-932-1168; email: [email protected] Department website: INFORMATION YOU NEED This newsletter and the above Animal Science web site contains the latest information concerning registration, 067 course offerings, 067 course synopses, recommended sequence of courses, and an archive of previous curriculum newsletters. Use this information in conjunction with your advisor to develop your program and achieve your career goal. MAKE SURE YOU ARE CLEARED TO WORK WITH ANIMALS! Animal Practicum, Animal Handling, Fitting and Exhibition, Research in Animal Science, Animal Nutrition Lab, and Dairy Cattle AI all require work with animals. These courses have animal handling protocols that have been reviewed and approved by the Rutgers University Animal Care and Facilities Committee. A condition of enrollment in these courses is that students complete an Occupational Health Questionnaire and be cleared to work with animals. Clearance may span 1 to 5 years depending on your health. To obtain a health questionnaire, you need to first register at . After this online registration, you will be emailed a health questionnaire (your name will be typed on the form). Fill out, sign, and submit this form directly to the Occupational Health Department at Hurtado Health Center. The information you provide is kept confidential. Please comply with these regulations for your health and safety. REGISTRATION FOR SPRING 2010 BEGINS NOV. 8!! Registration for the Spring 2010 Semester begins on November 8th and continues through November 21st. Students with 105 or more degree credits can register on November 8. To find out when you can register, go to: You should schedule a meeting with your academic advisor prior to registering for classes. USE DEGREE NAVIGATOR TO PLAN/REVIEW GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS The Degree Navigator (DN) program ( ) lists courses completed by a student. The program also visualizes and records course completion for the college, major (curriculum option), and/or minor requirements. The DN serves as an important advising tool for both student and faculty advisor, and as a record of completion of curriculum requirements. Majors/options declared through the Office of Academic Programs and Research, Room 205, Martin Hall, is programmed in DN. When majors/options are changed, this needs to be processed through Martin Hall. Course substitutions with advisor approval can be submitted on a “Request to Update Individual Program in DN” form to Room 205, Martin Hall. For help/questions contact Dr. Sharma.
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