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Spring 2009 HUHC 012 Professors: Baehr, Caliendo, Carter, Daniels, Donahue, Frisina, Kanatsu, Krapp, Teehan, Sills Slitt, Welch Cross-Dressings: Constructing Eastern and Western Identities This semester’s Culture and Expression looks at the everyday matter of getting dressed (dressing up, down and across) as a metaphor for practices of establishing, maintaining and representing (or defying and subverting) cultural norms and practices in a given society, --especially in relation to gender. Clothing informs and shapes our understanding of gender roles while simultaneously underscoring the very fluidity of those roles, which may change as easily as the clothes on our backs. But the theme of cross-dressing in an expanded sense allows us to examine further this fluidity at the heart of identity formation, not only with respect to gender but also other factors of social and cultural identity: from discoveries in natural sciences to matters of nation, religion, class, race, and ethnicity in particular. To cross-dress, in this expansive sense of
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