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MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Department of Physics Physics 8.01 Fall 2007 Problem Set 2: One and Two Dimensional Motion Due Date: Wednesday September 19 at 11:00 am. Please write your name, class section, table and group number, and the name of the instructor on the top right corner of the first page of your homework solutions. Please place your solutions in the Problem Set Solution hand-in bin outside the entrance of the classroom 26-152. Website: http// Textbook: Young and Friedman, University Physics Twelfth Edition. Recommended Texts: Course Notes. See Course Notes Section on website. Busza, Cartwright, and Guth, MIT 8.01 Study Guide Essentials of Introductory Classical Mechanics Sixth Edition. At the beginning of the week on Sunday night, the weekly reading is due. Students are expected to read the material in advance of the class to prepare for class. A Mastering Physics assignment will be due on Sunday at 8:30 pm that is associated with introducing the weekly material and also covers material from the WR and F classes from the previous week. . Note the material on weekly reading is intended to help prepare students for the week and inform the instructor about any points of confusion that the students had with the reading. The second Mastering Physics assignment due Thursday night at 11:30 pm covers material introduced in the MT class. On Friday there may be ½ hour quiz followed by a problem solving session or just a problem solving session. Quiz dates and topics covered are listed in the schedule below. A hand-written problem set covering the previous week’s material is due Wed at 11:00 am the following week.
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