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ChemE 3130 – Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics – Problem Set 3 (1) Case Study: Bernie Karl seeks your help in evaluating the feasibility of harnessing the geothermal heat reservoir for power generation. He aims to replace his existing 250kW Diesel gennerators with the geothermal system. He provides data for his geothermal well (hot sources) and the cold spring (cold reservoir) and asks you to check his proposed design of an organic Rankine cycle. Parameters: Hot water supply (geothermal) T hot, in = 164 o F ; T hot, out = 164 o F; flow rate= 530 gpm Cold water supply (stream) T cold, in = 40 o F ; T cold, out = 49 o F; flow rate= 1600 gpm Bernie proposes to use refrigerant R134A as a working fluid. Determine the following: (a) Operating pressure of the cycle. (b) Flowrate of the refrigerant (assuming 75% efficiency for both turbine and pump) (c) The the efficiency of the organic Rankine cycle compared to a Carnot engine operating between the same temperature limits.
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PS3 - ChemE3130ChemicalEngineeringThermodynamicsProblemSet3...

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