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Start Finish Project Plan Final Project Delivery Software Testing Software Design Software Requirements Specification Software Implementation Test Plan Teammates (5 people) Laptops/Desktops Java Complier, G++, etc. Eclipse, Textpad, etc. Textbooks, Online sources, etc, Chairs/Desks Etc. Introduction Purpose The purpose of this document is to define the “Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Project” being undertaken by this group comprising of Justin Kaplan, Jason Wong, Nghia Dang, Dhaval Patel and Atul Sharma and enumerate all the features that would be supported by the ATM. The document also attempts to identify possible risk areas (man made or natural) and brings out possible mitigation measures that would be adopted by the group to address the identified challenges. An ATM is specialized equipment deployed by the banking industry for enhancing the customer satisfaction level. It is not merely a money vending machine that just disburses money to the customer. To enhance customer satisfaction level, the bank aims to provide a range of services such as disbursal of funds, online money transfer, payment of utility bills, payment of credit card bills etc. Since, this machine is normally deployed in public places for unattended operations, sufficient physical and e-security measures need to be incorporated in its design. Further, design should also cater for avoiding any fraudulent means employed by unscrupulous elements to dupe the customer, lest they loose the confidence in the bank. Such a situation will seriously hamper the business prospects of the bank. Scope As part of ATM design, the group has decided to implement some of the most important features that are considered essential to make the ATM machine more than a mere money vending machine. Broadly these features would pertain to disbursal of cash as per
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customer requirement and rendering of certain important services pertaining to payments of bills and money transfer as highlighted under “Major Functions”. The project design includes features that would provide sufficient means to ensure authentication of customer before any transaction is permitted through the ATM. Personal records such as Personal Identification Number would be used to validate authentication of the customer. The project envisages maintenance of customer account database, transaction records etc. on the programmer’s computer for the purpose demonstration. Databases and transaction records will not be stored on a remote server. The project also does not aim to implement disaster recovery measures by duplicating the records on two different servers located in two different physically separated remote locations. However, design would cater for creation of duplicate files & databases on the same computer for demonstrating this feature. The project also does not provide for implementation of bio-metric features for authentication of customers. Since, on-line authentications and transactions by connecting to remote server are not being included as
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Project_Outline_CS345 - Teammates(5 people Laptops/Desktops...

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