Biodiversity - 9/21/2009 Biodiversity Part 1 - Overview...

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9/21/2009 1 Biodiversity Part 1 - Overview 1 Domain 1= Bacteria Domain 2 = Archaea Domain 3 = Eukarya Kingdom Protista Taxonomy and systematics ± Taxonomy ² Field of biology concerned with the theory, practice, and rules of classifying living and extinct organisms and viruses 2 ± Systematics ² Study of biological diversity and the evolutionary relationships among organisms, both extinct and modern ± Taxonomic groups are now based on hypotheses regarding evolutionary relationships derived from systematics Taxonomy ± Hierarchical system involving successive levels ± Each group called a taxon 3 ± Domain ² Highest level ² All of life belongs to one of 3 domains ² Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya Binomial nomenclature ± Genus name and species epithet ± Genus name always capitalized Species epithet never capitalized 4 ± ± Both names either italicized or underlined ± Rules for naming established and regulated by international associations Taxonomic Classification of humans ( Homo sapiens ) ± This listing shows the hierarchy of classification of our own species, mankind. ± Our specie s name is Homo sapiens . ± We share the Order Primates with various other animals, such as chimpanzees, goril as, monkeys, lemurs and a few others. ± Our Class contains al animals with hair including horses, bats, seals, dogs, cats, mice, deer and many others. ± At the level of our Phylum the cast is larger and includes birds, amphibians, fish and reptiles and some lesser known animals. ± Final y we share our Kingdom with al animals and our ± Domain with al living organisms except the bacteria. ± Every other species on the planet has a pedigree of the same kind. ± Classifying a species tel s us something about its place in the family tree. –Dr. Harold Heatwole Bio 140 5 Taxonomic Classification of the gray wolf ( Canis lupus ) 6
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9/21/2009 2 The five kingdom classification system was proposed by R.H.Whittaker in the year 1969 .
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Biodiversity - 9/21/2009 Biodiversity Part 1 - Overview...

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