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Smith 1 S. Smith Professor Bridget Cooper English 101.008 4 December 2007 Annotated Bibliography The use of stem cells in research has been a hotly debated topic for several years now, and because there are numerous differing views, it continues to be a source of conflict. The abundant advantages of using stem cell research to develop treatments for disease greatly outweigh the disadvantages, thus allowing the practice to be socially accepted by many. However, there are still countless people who will never tolerate using human stem cells for research purposes due to their opposing ethical and religious points of view. Regardless, conducting stem cell research will better benefit our culture through the progress it makes toward alleviating our world of illness and by offering essential answers to today’s medical questions. The sources I have chosen to use are focused primarily on the scientific aspect of stem cell research. I specifically looked for sources that provided information on the many benefits that stem cell research offers, especially ones that gave detailed examples of the applications this debated research presents. Despite my bias favoring stem cell research, I also searched for sources that offered a rebuttal to my argument, such as books or articles that gave the conflicting religious or ethical point of view that discouraged the use of stem cells in research. These distinct disciplines and points of view complicate the issue at hand by introducing contrasting opinions that are supported by viable evidence. One could listen to the argument of a religious community versus the argument of a scientific group and feel the desire to concur with both. Although both sides provide a well-founded fight and ask practical questions to support their points, neither side is willing to “see” their argument any other way. The people who believe that stem cell research
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Smith 2 is a violation of human life from the ethical stand point will never agree with the medical researchers who consider studying stem cells essential to the advancement of human life. These kinds of situations are the basis of the intricate matter of stem cell research where the multiple outlooks engage the many possible challenges of the issue. Chen, Tain-Hsiung, Wei-Ming Chen, Shie-Liang Hsieh, Tom K Kuo, Kuan-Der Lee, and Oscar K. Lee. Hematopoiesis: of Multipotent Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Umbilical Cord Blood. Journal of the American Society of Hematology . Blood, March 2004, Vol. 103, No. 5, pp. 1669-1675. 8 Nov . 2007 . O verall, this article promotes the usage of stem cells found in the umbilical cord and describes their similarities to adult or mesenchymal stem cells found in the bone marrow. The authors, who attended medical schools and are members of various medical departments, offer a respectable argument regarding umbilical stem cells; they want the umbilical cord to be seen as an advantageous tool in research rather than a “medical waste.” Limiting their focus to umbilical stem cells alone, this source
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Sample Bibliography - Smith 1 S Smith Professor Bridget...

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