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Lit. Review Intros

Lit. Review Intros - Introductions and Thesis Statements...

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Introductions and Thesis Statements for Literature Reviews Introductions for the literature review should include: • any relevant background information on your topic • discussion of the topic’s importance and the overall trends in the published literature (conflicts, agreements, common methods, gaps, etc). • any relevant information on the authors or studies necessary for the review (though you are not asked to provide extensive introduction to your individual sources, it may be necessary to indicate that one source or idea is central to understanding the review). • a thesis statement that summarizes your findings on the state of existing knowledge I have told you that you do not need to introduce each source in your introduction. As we’ll talk about, it is necessary at times to introduce a major source that is central to the literature that you’ll be examining in the review (consider the sample below); however, you should not feel burdened to introduce and discuss each of the articles, source by source. Instead, you should make sure introduce the topic (not each source), its importance, and the
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