Project 2 Basic Info.

Project 2 Basic Info. - ENG 101 Fall 2009 Cooper Project...

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ENG 101 – Fall 2009 – Cooper Project Two: Literature Review of a Social Issue Introduction: The point of a literature review is to provide scholars with an overview of research previously done on the topic. In the social sciences and humanities, this form of literature is often stand-alone text; while in the sciences, it often contains less discussion and precedes an experiment. Often literature reviews will point out areas of interest that receive the most research or cause the most controversy. They also point out areas that require more research; this often leads other scholars to then turn their focus on that area. Social issues are complex. Every day in popular magazines and newspapers, complex issues are simplified, abbreviated, and delivered to us in distilled form. This kind of distillation is often necessary given the audience for which these popular sources are written, but sometimes we want to understand the more complete picture. One way to look at a complex issue in a more complete way is through an academic discipline. In this assignment you will review the literature concerning a contemporary social issue through a social scientific lens – one of the three major academic disciplines we are working within this semester. Rhetorical Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to describe and evaluate scholarly sources about your topic. A literature review should synthesize current research on your topic in order to describe to readers what is currently known and unknown: the general state of knowledge. This type of review is common at the beginning of any research (e.g. before undertaking a scientific experiment) and helps researchers ensure that their research is necessary and well designed. It essentially helps scholars identify a “gap” in the knowledge before attempting to fill it. This requires both describing the knowledge (synthesizing trends, controversies, agreements, and disagreements) and analyzing it (explaining its significance, generalizability, gaps, etc). You will need to use the library databases to find scholarly, peer-reviewed sources related to your topic. You will need to read your sources critically and think about how those sources are related to each other. In your paper, you should provide clear and accurate summaries of your sources and show how those
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Project 2 Basic Info. - ENG 101 Fall 2009 Cooper Project...

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