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Research Questions

Research Questions - Asking Research Questions At the...

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Asking Research Questions At the college level, rather than writing an encyclopedia entry that merely reports facts about a topic, college-level writers will create more successful papers if they work from questions that pose a problem or questions to be investigated. You need to do more than describe, in other words, you need to analyze, to bring your own insight to a problem or question you have formulated. Try to formulate what you want to know as a how, why or so what question. A richer paper will demonstrate not only that you know about the topic but also how you have thought critically about some aspect of it. That’s why asking how, why, or so what questions is so important. Notice that these questions require a commitment on your part not only to show that you have researched the material but that you have thought about its significance as well. In other words, you will have to provide information and establish the significance of it in terms of the issue you have presented to discuss.
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