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Sentence Templates for the Literature Review Possible Topic Sentences Scholars ________, __________, and ___________ each discuss/examine/consider _________ in their recent work on (topic) . ________ is another major issue common to several treatments of (topic). Specifically, ________ seems to feel…. . A trend in research on and discussion of (topic) is _______. Defining terms (Scholar) defines (term) as “-------------------”(#). Though (term) is a common trend, (scholar) and (scholar) define the term differently. While (scholar) asserts _______, (scholar) asserts________. As it is used in this particular vein of discourse, (term) clearly refers to _______. Introducing quotations and/or paraphrases (DESCRIPTION) According to (scholar), “--------“(#). (Scholar) claims that __________(#). (Scholar) argues _______________(#). (Scholar) observes that ________(#). Explaining quotations and/or paraphrases (ANALYSIS)
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