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ENG 101 – Fall 2009 – Cooper Project Two: Topic Proposal for Literature Review of Social Issue Introduction: The first step to getting started for project two will be to choose a topic and write a formal proposal for approval. Research proposals outline proposed plans for research. The goal of a topic proposal like this one is to convince your audience that your proposed topic is appropriate and manageable. Ideally, your proposal will persuade readers to support your plans. Along with a panel of your peers, I will review your topic proposals. This process will mimic more formal review boards. Rhetorical Purpose : As your textbook discusses at the bottom of p. 177-179, a topic proposal should explain what you want to write about, why you want to explore it, and what you’ll do with the topic. In this assignment in particular, you should remember that literature reviews often seek to stimulate new research. Your topic proposal should therefore stress the importance of continued research for your
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