proj - Project Information Continuum Mechanics, Spring 2008...

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Unformatted text preview: Project Information Continuum Mechanics, Spring 2008 Due 4pm, Friday May 9, 2008 The project for this course consists of two parts: the written report and the oral report. The written report (worth 80% of the project grade) may be hand written or typed and should be written so that one of your class- mates can understand the material without reading any other reference(s). The length of the project should be about 10-15 type-written pages. The re- port should be well-organized (with an introduction putting your work into context of what we’ve learned in class and where it is applicable), be writ- ten using proper grammar, develop ideas logically, and be of an appropriate scope. It should be written so that your classmates can learn the topic by reading it. Grading of Written Report • 15 pts Scope (want enough material for a good project, but not so much that project becomes a survey with little analysis, want a topic relevant to the course). Check with me as you work on the project. • 15 pts Length (want 10-15 pages with 1.5 space). So 10 pages double spaced is on the short side and 15 pages single spaced is on the long side. • 10 pts References/Citation (be sure to cite all references in text and have a complete bibiography - for on-line references, try to find the author or organization that supports the website). • 10 pts Grammar (sentences need to be constructed grammatically cor- rect). • 25 pts Organization (Overall does the paper have a nice flow? Is there a nice introduction, discussing what will be presented and why, and a conclusion? does the paper seem ’complete’? are sections motivated with introductory sentences?) • 25 pts Writeup (Is it explained why you are doing what you are doing? Are there sentences between equations motivating what is being done? Analysis analysis analysis - does a result seem reasonable? If not, where could it be off?). 1 Grading of Oral Report The oral report (worth 20% of the project grade) will be graded on: Organiza- tion (is the presentation well thought out?), Clarity (could the presentation be understood?), Content (is it on something of interest to this course?), Presentation (speaking clearly, visual aides). You may use the blackboard to develop your ideas, transparencies, or a laptop. If you use transparen- cies/laptop, do not just copy your report. Each transparency should state no more than 3 or 4 key ideas, usually expressed in incomplete sentences, and...
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proj - Project Information Continuum Mechanics, Spring 2008...

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