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Lisa Jones Lab 1 Outline Due: 9/12/2006 BIO 011L Lab Instructor: Nikki Krueger Tuesday, AM Assessment of Protein Concentration and Purity in unknown samples containing BSA using UV Spectrophotometry Introduction: UV Absorption: UV absorption is used to identify different absorption rates in different solutions by their transparency. This information is then used to determine weight of very small proteins and other materials. Using a spectrophotometer, the light of some wavelengths that doesn’t pass through the sample(s) is detected. Depending on the light that won’t pass through, the spectrophotometer uses the information to determine the sample’s absorbance. The absorbance is then plugged into an equation (linear regression or Beer’s law) and calculated to determine the concentration of the sample. Purpose/Objective: Determine weight of small unknown samples Determine the purity of a sample Determine the standard curve of known samples using their absorption and concentration Materials and Methods: UV Standard Curve: Using pipettes, we made eight known solutions of BSA stock solution (0, 30, 75, 150, 300, 600, 1800, & 3000 L) and de-ionized water (3000, 2970, 2925, 2850,
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Lab 1 Outline - Lisa Jones BIO 011L Lab 1 Outline Lab...

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