Innocent - Si-Di Huang Presumed Innocent Genre: Suspense...

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1Si-Di Huang Presumed Innocent Genre: Suspense Title of Film: Presumed Innocent Date of Film: 1990 Director: Alan J. Pakula Cinematographer: Gordon Willis Editor: Evan A. Lottman Screenwriter: Scott Turow , Frank Pierson , Alan J. Pakula Lead Actor: Harrison Ford Lead Actress: Bonnie Bedelia Best in their roll: Harrison Ford is the best in his role. Ford plays the role of a husband, a prosecutor, and an accused person. After the murder of his “true love”, Ford exhibits the emotions of someone who has lost someone perfectly. Ford seemed tired and worn- out by the recent news of his past fling, and all the emotion seemed to drain out of him. The scene with Ford sitting on the couch staring at the pictures of Carolyn Polhemus ’s crime scene is a perfect example of his emotionless wondering. Although he exhibits no clear emotion or feeling, the viewer could tell that he was hurting on the inside. The scenes of flashbacks showed that Ford had once been a colorful and content person. There were points in the film when I thought Ford was the actual murderer. The flashbacks and the emotionless-ness and non-caring seemed to point the finger at Ford. I do not know whether if this was intended. Ford also portrayed real joy when he was acquitted from the crime. Ford then acted the scene when he discovered the real murderer extremely well. There was like a dark cloud on his face as he walked upstairs with the hammer. I thought he was going to murder his wife. When he confronted his wife, Ford showed genuine anger as he breathed faster and faster and in his eyes there was a twinkle of sadness and regret. As he listened to the story, he realizes he can do nothing but to live with the knowledge that his wife is a murderer. Harrison Ford is definitely the best actor. Story Line:
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Innocent - Si-Di Huang Presumed Innocent Genre: Suspense...

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