BIO 1001 - BIO 1001 CALCIUM AND IP3 in singlaing pathways...

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Unformatted text preview: BIO 1001 CALCIUM AND IP3 in singlaing pathways Phospholipase C- breaks down a DAG ..that DAG can be a second messenger that activates process in a membrane IP3 ( second messenger)- binds to IP3 gated calcium channel..THE ER has a main function of storing calcium….calcium from ER move from a gated channel..calcium has a role of activating protein..then we get celluar responses.. * mitochondria also store calcium *In cystol calcium is kept a low concentration. Nuclear responses to a signal: the activation of a specific gene by a growth factor Transriptopn factor- a protein that can bind to regulation of DNA therefore active or deactive and change gene expression, or set of genes.- production of RNA to DNA in a DNA template- a slower response , doesn’t always involve a phosppholration cascade Steriods hormone interacting with intracellular recptor- horome gets into a cell ( steroid) – steroid are fat soluable- small hydrophobic molecules can pass thorught the EX-membrane- does every cell respond? No because a receptor has to be there.- But the receptor protein will be in the intracellular membrane- For hydroophullic ones the receptor has to be in the plasma membrane otherwise it cant get into the cell.- The receptior protein acts as a transcription factor- It goes into the nucleus and it transcribes and we get a new protein- Its going to be slower because we have to make the proein- Hydrophobic signals, esp steroids..act by activating genes- Not by existing proteins therefore slower to act...
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BIO 1001 - BIO 1001 CALCIUM AND IP3 in singlaing pathways...

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