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Dinosaur Lecture Eroaptor- one of the earliest and most primitive dinosaurs, a theropod Later Triassic, Argentina Plateosaurus, an herbivore of the Late Triassic, rips of leaves, abdomemn, bacteria do the hard metabolic work. Dinosaur lives off , of the bacteria. Plateosaurus; Faculative quadraped, used forlimbs for support and locomotion. Brontosaurus; a sauropod “chimaera” formed by mistakenly associating the body of a diplodocid already named Apatosaurs with the skull of a camarasaurid. - the femur gave the brontosaurus the name-
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Unformatted text preview: Diplodocus-long thin skin dinosaur Long narrow pleaded skull, Brachiosaurus- repsentents the heavistest known type of sauropod Bird gas exchange-pigeon – filled with air sacs go throughout the body into the bones-large surface area to size to maintain high metabolic rate How did Sauropods support it all? -the level of the head is hanging down off the vertical column, mechanical prlblems of supporting the body , needs framework to hold up its neck....
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