MUS exam III final review - I Exam 3 Review...

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I Exam 3 Review Sunday, November 16, 2008 7:55 PM 1. What is true of romantic poets? They were interested in intensely emotion expression Had a heightened awareness of themselves 2. Who were the painters of the romantic period? Eugene Delacroix Honore Daumier John Sargent Amy Cheney Beech 3. Which was the new instrument of the romantic period? Bass Piccolo English horn Contra bassoon 4. What does not characterize Romantic music? Romantic music had a tide of nationalism which inspired romantic composers to make increased use of folk songs and dances from their native land; musicians tried to make their instruments sign; the music was marked by lyricism, harmony, and was emotionally charged. 5. What were the three song forms? Strophic Through composed Modified strophic 6. Who are the favorite poets for the composers of Lied? Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Heinrich Heine 7. Robert Schumann's wife was what? Composer and performer of piano, vocal, and chamber music 8. How did Robert Schumann end his career and life? He was placed in an asylum when he tried to kill himself He was appointed music director at Düsseldorf but was forced to relinquish his pose He wrote 4 symphonies all romantic in feeling 9. Titles such as impromptu and preludes are 2 examples of what genre? Short lyric piano piece 10. Who were the composers of short lyric piano pieces? Schubert Chopin
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II Liszt Mendelssohn 11. Chopin is considered the national composer of what country? Poland 12. The term tempo rubato means what? Robbed in time or borrowed time 13. If movies had been invented in the 19th century which genre of program music would film soundtracks best represent? Incidental music 14. Who was the French born composer whose considered a creator of modern orchestra for his daring originality and use of larger ensembles? Berlioz 15. The Dies irae is what? Chant from the Requiem Mass whose text concerns judgment day
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MUS exam III final review - I Exam 3 Review...

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